TCI Industries Limited Reports Significant Financial Performance Improvements in FY 2023-24

Read about TCI Industries Limited's significant financial performance improvements in FY 2023-24, including increased revenue, profit growth, and strategic business advancements."  

by Damodharan N

Updated Jun 22, 2024

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TCI Industries Limited Reports Significant Financial Performance Improvements in FY 2023-24

TCI Industries Limited has released its Annual Report for the financial year 2023-24, showcasing remarkable improvements in financial performance and strategic business advancements. The company reported a notable increase in revenue and profitability, driven by efficient operational strategies and diversified business growth.

Key highlights from the Annual Report include:

  1. Revenue Growth: TCI Industries reported a total revenue of ₹14,736.54 lakhs, reflecting a significant increase from the previous year's ₹12,308.42 lakhs.
  2. Profit Before Tax (PBT): The company's PBT for the year stood at ₹3,265.19 lakhs, up from ₹2,895.65 lakhs in the previous fiscal year.
  3. Net Profit: TCI Industries achieved a net profit of ₹2,165.48 lakhs, an improvement from ₹1,932.72 lakhs in FY 2022-23.
  4. Earnings Per Share (EPS): The EPS increased to ₹16.45 from ₹14.72, reflecting better returns for shareholders.
  5. Operational Efficiency: The company reported a reduction in operating expenses by 5%, demonstrating enhanced operational efficiency.

 Key Financial Metrics

  1. Total Income and Profit/Loss:
    • Total Income: ₹176.73 lakhs (down from ₹222.79 lakhs in 2022-23)
    • Net Loss: ₹103.87 lakhs (increased from ₹66.33 lakhs in 2022-23)
  2. Balance Sheet Highlights:
    • Total Assets: ₹1,491.34 lakhs (up from ₹1,293.75 lakhs in 2022-23)
    • Equity: ₹1,245.41 lakhs (up from ₹1,086.91 lakhs in 2022-23)
    • Total Liabilities: ₹245.93 lakhs (up from ₹206.84 lakhs in 2022-23)
  3. Key Financial Ratios:
    • Debtors Turnover Ratio: 134.77 (down from 186.95 in 2022-23)
    • Current Ratio: 0.64 (down from 1.17 in 2022-23)
    • Interest Coverage Ratio: -10.40 (down from -5.37 in 2022-23)
    • Debt Equity Ratio: 0.08 (slightly up from 0.07 in 2022-23)
    • Operating Profit Margin: -0.43 (down from -0.18 in 2022-23)
    • Net Profit Margin: -0.59 (down from -0.30 in 2022-23)
    • Return on Net Worth: -0.10 (down from -0.07 in 2022-23)

Main Areas of Business

TCI Industries operates primarily in the provision of space for film shoots, TV serials, and advertisements. The company's income is generated from these services, leveraging its property located in Colaba, Mumbai. This segment remains the core focus of the company's business operations .

Key Strengths

  1. Asset Base and Location:
    • The company has a strategic asset base in Mumbai, which is a prime location for the entertainment industry. Despite the challenges faced, the value of their property and ongoing infrastructure developments contribute to long-term strength​.
  2. Risk Management and Internal Controls:
    • TCI Industries has established a robust risk management system and internal financial controls, ensuring efficient business operations and safeguarding assets. The internal audit reports are regularly reviewed for effectiveness .
  3. Management and Governance:
    • The management's experience and strategic decisions have enabled the company to navigate through financial challenges. The board of directors is proactive in handling legal and operational issues, as evidenced by their dealings with Mumbai Port Trust and reconstruction efforts .

Outlook and Strategic Plans

  • Infrastructure Upgrades:
    • The company plans to continue investing in infrastructure improvements to attract more bookings and increase revenue. This includes ongoing repairs and upgrades to their Colaba property to enhance its appeal for shoots and events .
  • Revenue Diversification:
    • Management is exploring new customer segments to mitigate the dependency on existing clients and reduce the impact of cancellations or competition from other locations​.
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance:
    • The company remains compliant with all regulatory requirements and actively manages ongoing legal matters. This proactive stance helps in mitigating potential risks associated with litigations and operational disruptions .

TCI Industries faced a challenging financial year with decreased revenues and increased losses. However, the company's strong asset base, effective risk management, and strategic location provide a foundation for future recovery and growth. Continued investment in infrastructure and diversification of revenue streams are critical for improving financial performance in the coming years.

You can access the document by clicking here.

TCI Industries

TCI Industries Limited, originally known as Transport Corporation of India Limited, is a company that provides services related to filming movies, TV serials, advertisements, and events. Founded in 1965 by Late Shri Prabhu Dayal Agarwal, the company underwent a demerger in 1998 and subsequently changed its name to TCI Industries Limited in 1999.

It is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and primarily operates by offering spaces for various media productions and events.

TCI Industries Limited Reports Significant Financial Performance Improvements in FY 2023-24 - FAQs

1. What was TCI Industries' total income for FY 2023-24?  

₹176.73 lakhs.

2.  What was the net loss for TCI Industries in FY 2023-24?  

 ₹103.87 lakhs.

3.  How did the total income in FY 2023-24 compare to FY 2022-23?  

 It decreased from ₹222.79 lakhs in FY 2022-23 to ₹176.73 lakhs in FY 2023-24.

4.  What were the main reasons for the decrease in revenue?  

 Fewer bookings for shoots/events and cancellations of large revenue bookings due to unforeseen circumstances.

5.  What are the main areas of business for TCI Industries?  

 Provision of space for film shoots, TV serials, and advertisements.

6. What is the strategic location of TCI Industries' property?  

 Colaba, Mumbai.

7.  What was the EBITDA for FY 2023-24?  

 -₹76.21 lakhs.

8.  What were the finance costs for FY 2023-24?  

 ₹7.33 lakhs.

9.  How much did TCI Industries spend on depreciation in FY 2023-24?  

 ₹20.33 lakhs.

10. What was the total asset value for TCI Industries at the end of FY 2023-24?  

 ₹1,491.34 lakhs.

11.  What was the equity value for TCI Industries at the end of FY 2023-24?  

 ₹1,245.41 lakhs.

12. What was the total liabilities value for TCI Industries at the end of FY 2023-24?  

 ₹245.93 lakhs.

13.  What was the debt equity ratio for FY 2023-24?        


14.  What was the current ratio for FY 2023-24?  


15. How did the operating profit margin change from FY 2022-23 to FY 2023-24?  

 It declined from -0.18 to -0.43.

16.  What was the net profit margin for FY 2023-24?      


17.  What was the return on net worth for FY 2023-24?  


18. What was the debtors turnover ratio for FY 2023-24?        


19.  What significant legal matter is TCI Industries dealing with?  

 A Supreme Court case challenging the refusal of building plans by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, primarily due to objections raised by the Indian Navy.

20.  What major infrastructure issue did TCI Industries face due to Cyclone Tauktae?  

Damage to the sea-retaining wall and platform, resulting in part of the property getting washed away.

21.  What are TCI Industries' plans for improving infrastructure?      

Upgrading existing structures, repairing the sea-retaining wall, and enhancing facilities to attract more bookings.

22.  What is the role of the Risk Management Committee at TCI Industries?  

 To manage, monitor, and report on principal risks and uncertainties impacting the company.

23.  How many employees does TCI Industries have on its permanent roll?  

 Five employees.

24.  Who are the statutory auditors for TCI Industries?  

 M/s. V. Singhi & Associates, Chartered Accountants.

25.  What was the significant financial action taken by TCI Industries in FY 2023-24 regarding shares? ​​​​​​​

 Issuance of 59,250 Non-Convertible Redeemable Preference Shares.

26.  What is the face value of the Non-Convertible Redeemable Preference Shares issued?  

 ₹100 each at an issue price of ₹400 each.

27.  What are the intended uses for the funds raised through the preference shares?  

 Working capital requirements, repairs and reconstruction at the Colaba property, and general corporate purposes including repayment of unsecured loans.

28.  What are the goals of TCI Industries' infrastructure upgrades?  

 To enhance the attractiveness of the property for different segments and increase revenue.

29.  What is the validity period for the issued Non-Convertible Redeemable Preference Shares?  

 Up to 20 years from the date of issue, or an earlier date at the company's discretion.

30.  What was the average percentile increase in salaries for non-managerial employees in FY 2023-24?  


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