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Pay Increase For Aged Care Workers: Up to 28% Raise

After a long fight, aged care workers had a big win to pay increase of up to 28%, this pay rise after a winning Fair Work Commission case, and this increase impacted over 100,000 workers.

by Alaguvelan M

Updated Mar 15, 2024

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Pay Increase For Aged Care Workers: Up to 28% Raise

Pay Increase For Aged Care Workers

Happy news for aged care workers, After a long fight, they won a big pay increase up to 28.5%. This decision was held after a winning of the mark Fair Work Commission case. It means more money for more than 100,000 workers in the sector.

In 2020, the Health Services Union (HSU) initiated a case for aged care employees, seeking a 25 percent increase in wages. At first, direct care workers got a 15% raise in 2022, but the union constantly pushed for more everyone. The commission said those who directly care for people should get more money because their jobs are more important. Now, these workers will see their payments collected between 18% and 28%.

This raise is not just about money. It's also expected to attract more people to work in aged care and keep those who already working in the field. Workers like cleaners and food assistants will also get a raise, it is making a positive difference for many people. It is a win for all aged care workers, and who have been working more hard for so long. 

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Prime Minister Says Workers Deserve Better Pay & Respect

The Prime Minister is supporting the cause of workers, worrying about to need for better pay and respect, especially for over 200,000 aged care workers affected by recent commission decisions.

He recognizes the challenges faced by this sector, highlighted by a royal commission, and focuses attention on the importance of proud treatment for all older Australians.

With a recent pay raise and ongoing efforts to improve conditions, before 2024, they increased the aged worker's pay by 15% in 2022, the government stands strongly behind supporting all aged care workers.

Pay Increase For Aged Care Workers - FAQs

1. What led to the decision to grant a pay increase for aged care workers?

The decision was made following a landmark victory in a Fair Work Commission case, where the Health Services Union advocated for a significant raise for workers in the aged care sector.

2. How many workers are expected to be impacted by this pay increase?

Over 100,000 workers in the aged care sector will benefit from the pay rise.

3. How does the Fair Work Commission justify the need for a higher pay increase for direct care workers?

The Commission acknowledges the importance of direct care workers' roles and deems their responsibilities deserving of a higher pay increase compared to other positions within the sector.

4. How does this pay increase aim to address challenges within the aged care sector?

By offering higher wages, the aim is to attract more individuals to work in aged care and retain those already employed, thereby improving the quality of care provided.

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