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Air Canada Checked Baggage Fee Changes, Guidelines, Services Options, and How to Pay Baggage Fees?

Explore Air Canada's extensive baggage policies, which include carry-on guidelines, checked baggage fees, and optional services. Remember about weight and size limits and find answers to repeatedly asked queries to make a better travel experience.

by Swetha P

Updated Apr 20, 2024

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Air Canada Checked Baggage Fee Changes, Guidelines, Services Options, and How to Pay Baggage Fees?

Air Canada Checked Baggage Fee Changes

Checked baggage policy Air Canada is extensive and differs based on several aspects, such as destination, fare type, date of ticket purchase, and more. On Economy Basic or Standard fares, passengers traveling on or after February 28, 2024, will undergo a modified checked baggage fee structure. Passengers Fees for checked bags are 

  • 1st bag: CA/US $35.00
  • 2nd bag: CA/US $50.00

It is essential to understand that if you include your travel journey with a codeshare partner or another airline baggage policies might be applied instead. Weight and size of baggage remain consistent across all itineraries, and the per baggage maximum weight is 50 lb (23 kg), and the maximum linear dimension is 62 in 158 cm.

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Air Canada Carry-on Baggage Guidelines

Air Canada, the passengers are allowed to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item onboard free of charge, as they stick to the airline's carry-on baggage guidelines. 

  • The carry-on bag has to fit within the specified measurements and weight limits.
  • Ensure to know whether the bag you carry is kept safely under the seat in front of you or the overhead compartment.
  • Personal items such as small backpacks, laptops, and purses can be placed under the seat.  
  • Remember that baggage policies might differ based on the traveling with codeshare partners or other airlines.
  • Each airline checks the exact requirements to avoid any issues at the airport.
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Air Canada Services Option

Air Canada suggests optional services for passengers to improve their travel experience and services that include any-time flight change options, advanced standard seat selection, Air Canada Bistro onboard meals and snacks access, cancellations, and refunds, among others.

During their flight, passengers can buy Wi-Fi access to stay connected and opt for a last-minute advancement to Business Class. Access to the Maple Leaf Lounge and preferred seating options are also available.

Further, services are provided by Air Canada for unaccompanied minors and permit pets in the cabin and the baggage compartment. Based on the specific service and itinerary, the fees and prices may vary, and passengers should review the cost details associated with each before making a purchase.

Air Canada Checked Baggage Fee Changes, Guidelines, Services Options, and How to Pay Baggage Fees?
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Air Canada Overweight and Oversize Baggage

If the baggage exceeds the standard weight and size limits, the passengers traveling with baggage have specific policies in Air Canada. Those bags weighing between 23 to 32 kg (50 to 70 lb) are considered overweight, and bags measuring 160 to 292 cm are considered oversized.

Extra fees apply for oversized and overweight baggage, and these cost expenses are displayed as per one-way travel. It's essential to review the specific itinerary fees appropriate to you to avoid unexpected costs at the airport.

In the airline's allowance, if your bags exceed weight, you are instructed to arrive at the airport for at least 120 minutes before leaving to allow sufficient time for processing. For bags that exceed 32 kg (70 lb) in weight,  or 203 cm (80 in) in length, 292 cm (115 in) in linear proportions, passengers should contact Air Canada Cargo for shipping arrangements.

How to Pay Baggage Fees in Air Canada?

Baggage Paying fees with Air Canada are convenient with various methods, and passengers can pay the payment online, at Air Canada check-in counters, or in self-service check-in kiosks. Nevertheless, it's necessary to note that money payments are not accepted at specific airports and locations, and some are in the United States, specified by Canadian airports.

Fees paid for baggage outside Canada are the charges processed in the local currency transaction in the country. Primary credit or debit cards that are accepted for payments alter flexibility for passengers.

In any luggage damaged, lost baggage, or delayed issue. Air Canada refunds the checking fees paid in cases of any issue, and this policy confirms that passengers are balanced for any inconvenience caused due to luggage issues.

Air Canada Checked Baggage Fee Changes - FAQs

1. What are checked baggage fees in Air Canada'?  

Basic or Standard fares for economy, it's CA/US $35.00 for the 1st bag and CA/US $50.00 for the 2nd bag per direction.

2. What are the baggage payment methods in Air Canada?

Cash payments in certain locations are not accepted but debit cards or major credit are accepted.

3. What does Air Canada charge for overweight or oversized baggage?  

Yes, extra fees apply for bags weighing 50 to 70 lb or measuring 63 to 115.

4. Can I bring carry-on items on Air Canada?  

One personal item and one carry-on bag are allowed per passenger.

5. Where can I purchase Wi-Fi and upgrades?  

Yes, In Air Canada, Wi-Fi access and last-minute Business Class upgrades are available for purchase.

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