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How to Endorse a Check for a Minor? Check Endorsement Benefits and Expiration Dates

Explore check endorsement and how to properly endorse checks, including understanding third-party checks and endorsing checks for minors.

by Swetha P

Updated Apr 23, 2024

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How to Endorse a Check for a Minor? Check Endorsement Benefits and Expiration Dates

Check Endorsement 

Checking endorsement is an essential step in the depositing procedure or cashing a check. When a check is endorsed, on the back of the check you need to sign your name in the specified area, which permits the check's amount to transfer to your account or allows you to cash it. This step guarantees the funds are directed to the correct recipient and account.

Having a joint account, both the account holders must endorse the check. Depending on the purpose, There are various types of endorsements such as deposit-only or third-party endorsements. Ensure always to follow your bank's guidelines and check further to process any required additional information, like your account number, to ensure a smooth transaction.

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How to Endorse a Check for a Minor?

Endorsing a check for a minor requires a few steps to confirm the check can be correctly deposited or cashed, especially if the child does not have a bank account. Here is the guide on how to approve a check for a minor:

  • Flip the Check: Turn the endorsed check backside.
  • Minor Name: On the backside of the endorsed check write the minor's name in the endorsement section. Add a hyphen after the name and write "minor."
  • Your Name:  Write your full name below the minor name followed by a hyphen and mention your relationship to the minor "Parent" or "guardian."  
  • Sign the Check: On the designated line sign your name on the check
  • Include Account number: After signing your name under your signature write your account number or minor's custodial account number.

Verify your bank or credit union and check for their bank-specific rules for minors endorsing checks, and following the guidelines checks can be deposited or cashed without any issues.

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Check Endorsement Benefits

Endorsing a check for a minor suggests several benefits  that go beyond just depositing or cashing the check:

  • Financial Literacy teaches minors about banking, financial responsibility, and money management.
  • When the minor doesn't maintain a bank account, parents or guardians are allowed to deposit checks created for minors into their accounts
  • For minors enable opening a custodial account for financial growth and fostering savings.
  • Opening some accounts suggests joint control between the child and parent teaching coordinated financial decision-making.
  • Ensures the funds are secured and suitable for account to minimize the risk of loss or misuse.
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Check Expiration Dates

Checks typically have an expiration date, usually around six months from the issue date. It's essential to approve and deposit checks promptly to avoid them becoming outdated and unprocessable by the bank. Keeping track of check expiry dates and maintaining good financial organization will help to guarantee that you don't miss out on depositing valuable funds.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Check Endorsement

Endorsing a check may appear specific, but there are common mistakes to avoid to confirm a smooth transaction:

  • Check for incorrect endorsements, and make sure the payee's name matches the endorsement. 
  • Check for any missing account information and give the correct account number or custodial account number.
  • Avoid delaying deposits by holding onto checks for long periods to prevent them from becoming stale-dated.
  • Check with your bank for any deposit policies or any specific endorsement.
  • Prioritize security and be careful of potential scams when endorsing and depositing checks.

How to Endorse a Check for a Minor - FAQs

1. What is a check endorsement?  

A check endorsement is when you sign the back of a check to authorize its deposit or cashing.

2. What is a custodial account?  

A custodial account is a bank account for the benefit of a minor, managed by a parent or guardian.

3. Can I deposit a check made out to a minor into my account?  

Yes, most banks allow parents to deposit checks made out to minors into their accounts.

4. How long are checks good for?  

Checks typically expire after six months from the issue date.

5. What should I do if a check has expired?  

If a check has expired, you may need to request a new check from the issuer or contact them to reissue the funds.

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