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How to Deposit Cash With Chime? Benefits of Having a Chime Account

To deposit cash with Chime, visit partner stores, ask the cashier for help, and follow the steps in the app, remembering some stores may charge fees.


by Kavitha

Updated Apr 22, 2024

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How to Deposit Cash With Chime? Benefits of Having a Chime Account


Chime Financial, Inc. is a company that works with local banks to offer some services for free on mobile phones. Chime makes most of its profit from the fees it gets when people use their debit cards to buy things. It's important to know that Chime isn't a bank, and people who use Chime don't have a direct relationship with the banks that work with Chime. Without giving notice, Chime has the right to terminate a user's account and requires no explanation. If this occurs, consumers will not be able to request assistance from banking officials in getting their money back, and if they do at all, it may take some time.

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How to Deposit Cash With Chime?

To deposit cash into your Chime account, you may visit over 85,000 stores that partner with Chime. You may request the cashier to help you deposit cash straight into your chime account. You can check your cash deposit limits in the Chime mobile app. Just follow these steps:

  • To start, click Settings by tapping the gear symbol.
  • Next, select Account Info.
  • Select View Restrictions after that.

Cash deposits at Walgreens outlets, including Duane Reade, are free of charge. On the other hand, certain third-party services may impose fees or transaction limitations.

There are two options for depositing cash into your Chime account:

With the barcode:

  • Open the Chime app and go to Move Money.
  • Click deposit cash.
  • Tap the green View Barcode button.
  • Visit a nearby store from the list with your cash and phone.
  • Ask the cashier to scan your barcode and transfer the cash to your Chime account.

Can use Chime Credit Builder Secured Visa® Credit Card or Chime Visa® Debit Card:

  • Open the Chime application.
  • Press Transfer Money.
  • Choose Cash Deposit.
  • To a neighboring store, take your card and cash.
  • Request that the cashier deposit the money into your Chime account after swiping your card.

The funds will be deposited into your selected Chime account as soon as the shop accepts your cash. Cash deposits are made into your checking account using a card or barcode. The money goes into your card account and, subsequently, your secured account if you use your Credit Builder card. Note that using a store other than Walgreens or Duane Reade may result in extra fees.

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Benefits of Having a Chime Account

  • Save cash: There are no minimum balance restrictions, international transaction fees, or monthly fees.
  • Receive payment ahead of time: Direct deposit allows you to access your money up to two days sooner.
  • Boost your savings: A competitive APY allows you to earn interest on your savings.
  • Get a safety net with a $200 fee-free overdraft to avoid paying overdraft fees.
  • Easily handle your finances: For mobile banking, use the app.
  • Keep yourself safe. Enjoy the advantages of security measures such as two-factor authentication.

How to Deposit Cash With Chime - FAQs

1. What is Chime?  

Chime is a company partnering with banks to offer free mobile banking services.

2. How can I deposit cash with Chime?  

You can deposit cash at over 85,000 partner stores by asking the cashier for assistance.

3. What are the benefits of having a Chime account?  

Chime offers no minimum balance restrictions, early direct deposit, competitive savings interest rates, a $200 fee-free overdraft, easy mobile banking, and robust security features.

4. What happens if Chime terminates my account?  

If Chime closes your account without notice, you may not be able to get assistance from banking officials to retrieve your money, and it may take some time to receive it back, if at all.

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