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How to Find Bybit Wallet Address: How to Add a Withdrawal Wallet Address in Bybit?

Bybit is a crypto exchange platform that allows users to engage in crypto trade, and for successful exchange, the wallet address is essential to know the steps to locate it.


by Damodharan N

Updated Apr 13, 2024

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How to Find Bybit Wallet Address: How to Add a Withdrawal Wallet Address in Bybit?

How to Find a Bybit Wallet Address? 

The crypto trade wallet address is important because via this route only one can send finance to crypto. One must get the correct address details; otherwise, they will lose their investments. Let's look at the steps involved. 

  • Users need to locate the assets option in the Bybit app.
  • Choose the deposit option here. 
  • Now select the crypto you want.
  • Finally, choose the network options.
  • Now, one can get their wallet address by copying it or scanning the QR code. 

After this, don't try to write the address, as when you are doing so, there might be typographical mistakes as the address will be long, so it’s better to copy the address or QR code scan it. If you have any doubts, then try visiting the Bybit website. 

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How to Add a Withdrawal Wallet Address in Bybit?

To add a withdrawal address in Bybit 

  • Users need to set the Google Two authentication factor.
  • After setting up, users need to be aware that they need to add the tag, or EOS Memo, for a faster withdrawal. 
  • Now, Bybit users need to go to the wallet management page. 
  • If you are in wallet management, you can add the withdrawal address by clicking the add option. For the adding multiple addresses option, users need to add the batch option. 
  • Alternatively, click on the Assets page and go to spots or funding accounts to add the withdrawal address.

Users need the following details before getting the Withdrawal Wallet Address in Bybit: select the coin that is supported in this wallet, know the chain type, and have a remark related to your address so that you can easily identify it. Apart from these, two operational things are necessary: tag/memo and address verification, which users need to verify.

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How Many Order Types are Available on the Bybit?

The order types in Bybit are classified into basic and advanced; they are the basis for how to trade in crypto.

In basic, there are three types:

  • Market order
  • Limit order 
  • Conditional order 

In advanced 

  • Take Profit and Stop Loss Order
  • Iceberg Order
  • Post-Only
  • Time in force selections (GTC, IOC, FOK)
  • Trailing Stop Order
  • TWAP Order Strategy
  • One-Cancels-the-Other Order (OCO)
  • Reduce-Only Order
  • Close the trigger
  • Scaled Order
  • Chase Limit Order

Each of them offers different values, but let's look at how basic order types work.

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Market Order

A market order is a trade at the market price for the best price available at that instant. In a market order, users can simply engage in the trade and act fast. In this order, prices are at the market price and will be available for traders to make decisions quickly.

In this market, prices will have slight changes due to market volatility, which is called slippage. This order also has a taker fee. This type of order is suitable for beginners. 

Limit Order 

In this way, traders will get the exact price they want to buy or sell the coin at, not at the mercy of the market price or the best available price, but at the price they want. But in certain scenarios, the expected price of the trader will not be reached, and the order will not be executed.

In the buying case, the limit order price will have to be set at a lower price than the last trade; otherwise, it will be considered a market order. In the selling case, the limit order price will have to be set higher than the last trader's price, or it will be placed in market order. 

Condition Order

It is known as an automation trading strategy in which orders are set based on trigger prices. The trigger prices can be many things; some of the most common are the last traded price, mark price, and index price. 

This order works with market and limit orders, as both of them have some element of trigger price built into them. They are mostly used for stop entry orders, take profit orders, and stop loss orders. For example, to stop trading when the price enters the trigger value that the trader had entered.

How to Change Your Withdrawal Limit? 

To change the withdrawal limit, users need to click their profile.

  • In this case, users will need to open the account and security page. 
  • Navigate to the withdrawal security and manage the withdrawal limit by clicking the settings button. 
  • Now adjust the daily and monthly limits and click submit. Security verification will be prompted to verify the change in your withdrawal limit.

This feature is not allowed for all account holders and is based on VIP and identity verification levels. The accounts that could not access this are subaccounts and business identity-verified accounts.

There are KYC (know your customer) levels for VIPs. So do know the accessibility before trying to adjust the withdrawal limit. The normal daily withdrawal limit is 20K USD for non-KYC. A minimal withdrawal amount will be shown on the profile.

How to Find a Bybit Wallet Address - FAQs

1. How do I find a Bybit Wallet Address?

To find the Bybit wallet address, users need to go to the assets option on the app.

2. How Many Order Types Are Available on the Bybit?    

There are more than 14 types, but the most basic are market orders, limit orders, and condition orders.

3. What is a market order?  

A market order is a trade at the market price for the best price available. 

4. How do I add a withdrawal wallet address to a  Bybit?  

Users can add a withdrawal wallet address in Bybit by navigating to the wallet management page. 

5. What accounts are restricted from changing their withdrawal limit?   

The accounts that are restricted subaccounts and business identity verified accounts.

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