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IRFC Dividend Record Date, Who is Eligible for an IRFC Dividend?

The IRFC Dividend Record Date for the financial year 2023–24 is November 10, 2023. And its price per share is Rs. 0.80. And any person who owns equity shares of IRFC on the record date is eligible for its dividend. 


by Damodharan N

Updated Apr 10, 2024

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IRFC Dividend Record Date, Who is Eligible for an IRFC Dividend?

IRFC Dividend Record Date

The IRFC dividend record date for the year 2023 is November 10, 2023. As per the data available on the BSE website, this follows the Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements Regulations, 2015, SEBI. Know about the price per share in detail in the table below. 




Record Date

Interim Dividend

Rs. 0.8000

10 Nov 2023


Final Dividend

Rs. 0.7000

15 Sep 2023


The IRFC dividend cycle follows twice in a financial year to pass down its share profit to its shareholders in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the financial year, which are September and November. However this pattern for dividend declaration is not standard and may change based on many factors, which the IRFC declared in its dividend declaration policy. 

As for the current financial year, which is 2024-2025, we don't know anything about the dividend record date as the company recently held its board meeting on March 27th, in which it announced publicly Ms. Uma Ranade as chairman and managing director of IRFC.

An ex-date, otherwise known as the ex-dividend date, is on this day or after if you bought stock, then it has no right to dividend profits, so it's crucial for investors to know this date and get those dividend profits. 

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What is the Dividend Record Date?

The dividend record date is about who will get the dividend profits by holding the share of that particular listed company on or before the said record date, after which the stock you bought will not be considered for the dividend proceeds of that company.

So shareholders need to know the dividend record date to get their due profits as responsible shareholders of that company. In India, like most other countries, the sharing of dividends and profits is an obligation under its regulation based on SEBI Rules 2015 (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements).

This regulation states that the top 500 listed entities based on market capitalization will need to disclose their dividends to their shareholders, and this top 500 will be calculated at the end of every financial year, which is March 31st. 

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Who is Eligible for the IRFC Dividend?

 As the IRFC only issues equity shares, any individual who holds shares on the record date will be eligible for a dividend, and these equity shares have equal voting rights and do not discriminate based on the type of shareholding, so it is pretty straightforward.

As IRFC is still a government company, its main aim is to provide capital mobilization from Indian and overseas financial markets to support the government's extra-budgetary resource requirements. And it is still serving its purpose as well as giving profit proceeds to its shareholders. 

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Factors Affecting Dividend Declaration 

The Indian stock market is still a growing stock market in a sense based on its market capitalization compared to a lot of other developed countries' stock markets. So there will always be some factors to look for before declaring the dividend profits. Let's look at them.  

  • Tax
  • Debt Equity Ratio
  • Capital Adequacy Ratio 
  • Net-worth and capacity to borrow
  • Long-term borrowings
  • Cash and bank balance
  • Profit

Each factor that is mentioned above will affect the dividend as it is more of an X-ray of the company's financial health and if there are any broken bones in the company’s financial capability, i.e., a loophole or cavity that will affect the company's growth prospects in the long term.

IRFC Dividend Record Date - FAQs

1. What is the IRFC Dividend Record Date?

The IRFC Dividend Record Date for the year 2023 is 10/11/2023, and for the present financial year 2024-2025, it is not yet announced.

2. What was disclosed in the last board meeting?

The last board meeting of the company was held on March 27th, in which the company's new chairman and managing director, Ms. Uma Ranade, was announced. 

3. Who is eligible for the IRFC dividend?  

Any person who owns a share of IRFC on the record date is eligible for a dividend.

4. What type of share is the IRFC issuing?   

The type of shares IRFC issues are equity shares. 

5. What was the price per share of the dividend profit of IRFC?  

The price per share dividend profit of IRFC is Rs. 0.80 during the last dividend date of 10/11/2023.

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