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Difference Between ANZ and ANZ Plus

ANZ is a regular banking service, while ANZ Plus is its digital version, available only through the ANZ Plus app, offering extra features for better money management.

by S Samayanka

Updated Apr 16, 2024

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Difference Between ANZ and ANZ Plus


ANZ is an Australian and New Zealand Banking Group. They offer a variety of services like accounts, loans, and credit cards, mainly in Australia and New Zealand. In terms of assets, it is the second-biggest bank in Australia, while in terms of market capitalization, it ranks fourth. With its subsidiaries, ANZ employs about 40,000 people worldwide and provides services to over nine million consumers.

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Difference Between ANZ and ANZ Plus

The new ANZ Plus app offers ANZ's digital banking service, ANZ Plus. Multiple functions in the ANZ Plus app provide you with greater visibility and control over your finances.

Only the ANZ Plus app provides access to ANZ Plus. You can use the ANZ app, Internet Banking, ANZ branches, and phone to access other ANZ bank accounts.



ANZ Plus

Account type

Standard account

Digital banking service

Monthly account fee




Branches, Internet Banking, ANZ App

ANZ Plus app only


It has basic features like debit cards, internet banking, and BPAY payments.

Everyday transaction account, multi-goal savings account, Visa Debit Card, money management tools

Other services

Overdrafts, international money transfers

No overdrafts or international money transfers

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How to Join ANZ Plus?

To get started at the next level of digital banking, all you have to do is register for ANZ Plus now.

  • Visit the official website and download the ANZ Plus app.
  • Check that you have your Australian driver's license or passport handy, either domestic or foreign.
  • Now register in the ANZ Plus and ANZ Save accounts.
  • Once you complete the process, use the ANZ Plus app and begin enjoying ANZ Plus.
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What is the Eligibility to Join ANZ Plus?

The eligibility criteria to join ANZ Plus for free are:

  • You need to be 15 years of age or older.
  • Only individual accounts are allowed, not joint accounts.
  • You must be a resident of Australia.
  • You need to have a residential and mailing address in Australia.
  • You must have either an Australian or international passport or a driver's license.

What are the Features of ANZ Plus?

The features of the ANZ Plus app will enhance the way you manage your money:

  • ANZ Plus helps you see where you spend your money by categorizing it into different categories, like food or entertainment.
  • You can set up to 99 savings goals, like saving for a house deposit, and you earn interest on your savings.
  • Using the ANZ Plus Visa Debit Card, you can buy things in stores, online, and even in other countries. 
  • The ANZ Plus allows you to set a 6-digit PIN, lock your card, or access your details.
  • ANZ Plus gives you extra protection with a special security feature called Visa Dynamic CVV.

Interest and Fees of ANZ Plus

Only ANZ Save balances are eligible to earn interest. The amount in your ANZ Save account is calculated and applies to a single interest rate.

If you have $250,000 or more in your ANZ Save balance, you will receive a lower rate on the entire amount. Rates are subject to change, interest is computed daily, and payment is made monthly.

ANZ Save Balance

Interest Rate

Less than $250,000

4.90% p.a.

$250,000 or more

3.75% p.a.

Transaction fees may apply as follows:



Monthly account service

No fee

ATMs in Australia

There are no transaction fees at major Australian bank ATMs

International ATM withdrawal

$5 (or free at any ANZ ATM)

Overseas transactions

3% of transaction value

Inward international money transfer

May incur a fee of up to $15

What are the Limits on ANZ Plus?

These are the ANZ Plus limits that are in effect:

  • You can transfer as much money as you have in your everyday account to your savings account.
  • You can pay someone up to $5,000 a day.
  • You can make BPAY payments of up to $30,000 a day.
  • If you are buying cryptocurrency, you can spend up to $10,000 a month.
  • If you activate PayTo, the PayTo payment limit will be displayed on the ANZ Plus website or app.
  • You can spend as much as you have in your everyday account with your Visa Debit Card.
  • You can withdraw up to $2,500 in cash a day.
  • You can deposit up to $10,000 in cash a day.

Difference Between ANZ and ANZ Plus - FAQs

1. What is ANZ?  

ANZ is a bank that operates in Australia and New Zealand, offering services like accounts, loans, and credit cards.

2. How to join ANZ Plus?  

Download the ANZ Plus app from the official website, register for ANZ Plus and ANZ Save accounts, and start using the app.

3. How many savings goals can I set with ANZ Plus?

You can set up to 99 savings goals with ANZ Plus.

4. How is interest calculated with ANZ Plus?  

Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly on ANZ Save balances.

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