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Best Day to Book Flights, How to Obtain Cheap Flights?

The best day to book flights is uncertain, as prices fluctuate based on real-time demand, but remaining flexible and using tools like price alerts can help you find cost-effective airfare any day of the week.

by Kowsalya

Updated Nov 25, 2023

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Best Day to Book Flights, How to Obtain Cheap Flights?

Best Day to Book Flights

When it comes to snagging the best deals on flights, travelers often seek a golden rule—a specific day of the week rumored to guarantee the lowest prices. we'll uncover the common misconceptions surrounding the notion of a "best day" for booking flights. Rather than subscribing to myths, we'll explore strategies that prioritize flexibility and vigilance, guiding travelers toward smarter booking practices in today's ever-changing airline pricing landscape. 

Finding the Best Day to Book a Flight

Common Misconception

Belief: A specific day, like Tuesday, offers the best flight deals.
Reality: Flight prices constantly fluctuate due to demand and other factors, making it challenging to pinpoint a single optimal day for booking.

Key Strategies

  • Flight prices can vary significantly, emphasizing the importance of being flexible with travel dates rather than fixating on a particular day of the week.
  • Advance Booking:
  • Domestic: 1 to 3 months before travel.
  • International: 2 to 8 months beforehand.
  • Use travel search engines (e.g., Google Flights, Hopper, Skyscanner, Kayak) to set up alerts for price drops on preferred flights.
  • Airlines occasionally release sales or discounts without adhering to specific days, making it essential to stay informed about promotions through newsletters or social media.
  • Consider flying in or out of nearby airports for potential cost savings.
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How to Obtain Cheap Flights?

Unlock the secrets to affordable travel with our comprehensive guide on how to obtain cheap flights, debunking myths, and revealing practical strategies for budget-conscious flyers.

Book Changeable Flights and Rebook

  • Many U.S. airlines have eliminated change fees on standard economy tickets, allowing you to book early and rebook at a cheaper rate when prices drop.
  • Secure a freely changeable or cancellable fare, track price changes, and rebook for savings.

 Capital One Travel Price Drop Protection

  • Qualifying Capital One credit cardholders can leverage the Capital One Travel portal, powered by Hopper, to predict optimal flight purchase times.
  • Enjoy free price drop protection, with a Capital One travel credit of up to $50 if the price drops within a specified period after booking.

Google Price Guarantee

  • Google's Price Guarantee pilot program monitors selected itineraries booked on Google Flights.
  • Book a Price Guarantee flight, and if the price drops, receive the difference in Google Pay within 48 hours post-departure (for differences greater than $5).

Track Flight Prices for Price Drops

  • Utilize Google Flights' price tracking tool to receive periodic email updates on tracked flights and routes, prompting you to book or rebook at a lower price.
  • Capital One Travel also offers a price watch tool for eligible cardholders, sending email alerts about price changes.

 Subscribe to Flight Deal Services

  • For flexibility in your travel plans, subscribe to flight deal services like Going, FareDrop, Thrifty Traveler Premium, and Dollar Flight Club.
  • Receive alerts when there are affordable flights departing from your preferred airports.

When it comes to planning, MarketsHost has you covered with insights on managing your finances while exploring the world of Travel.

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Is It Worth Having an Airline Credit Card?

Yes, having an airline credit card can be worth it, depending on your travel habits, loyalty to a specific airline, and financial goals. These cards offer various benefits, including hefty welcome bonuses, possible fast-tracks to elite status, and perks like free checked bags, priority boarding, and flight discounts.

They can be particularly valuable if you're loyal to one airline, allowing you to accumulate miles and enjoy exclusive benefits. Additionally, using an airline credit card strategically, such as maximizing bonus categories and perks can help offset annual fees and make it a worthwhile financial tool for frequent travelers.

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What is the Cheapest Day to Buy Plane Tickets?

The concept of a specific day of the week for the cheapest plane ticket is outdated. In the early days of online airfare sales, there were ideal days to secure deals as airlines loaded fares at predetermined times. However, with the evolution of dynamic pricing driven by complex algorithms, fares change daily, even hourly.

In today's landscape, any day of the week could offer favorable prices. Generally, for the cheapest days to fly, consider Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, avoiding peak travel days for business, such as Sundays, Mondays, and Fridays. While no single platform consistently offers the cheapest fares, starting with Google Flights, which allows simultaneous searches across multiple departure and arrival airports, can be a solid strategy. 

When Should I Book a Flight in Advance?

When planning your flight reservations, it's essential to consider the optimal booking time for different types of trips. Generally, the timing of your flight booking can significantly impact both ticket availability and cost. To make this process easier to understand, we've provided a practical guideline below:


Recommended Booking Time

Domestic Flights

1 to 3 months BeforeTravel.


 2 to 8 months in Advance.

Best Day to Book Flights - FAQs

1. What is the best day to book flights?

There isn't a specific best day; be flexible and watch for deals any day of the week.

2. How can I obtain cheap flights?

Search from nearby airports, be open to destinations, and prioritize flight prices.

3. Why do airline ticket prices change?

Prices change due to timing, seasonality, booking lead time, and not the day of the week.

4. Is having an airline credit card worth it?

It depends on your travel habits; frequent travelers can benefit, while others may prefer general rewards cards.

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