Hindustan Zinc Limited Refined Zinc Production Grew by 1%

Hindustan Zinc Limited had reported in its Quarter production report that Refined Zinc Production Grew by 1% compared with YoY.  

by Damodharan N

Updated Jul 03, 2024

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Hindustan Zinc Limited Refined Zinc Production Grew by 1%

Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL) has reported its production numbers for the first quarter ending June 30, 2024, marking the highest-ever first-quarter production of mined and refined metals.

Production Highlights:

  • Mined Metal: 263,000 tonnes, a 2% increase year-on-year (YoY), though 12% lower quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) due to routine mine preparation activities.
  • Refined Metal: 262,000 tonnes, up 1% YoY but down 4% sequentially due to plant availability and a shift to pyro operations for lead.
  • Refined Zinc: 211,000 tonnes, a 1% increase YoY and a 4% decrease QoQ.
  • Refined Lead: 51,000 tonnes, up 2% YoY and down 3% QoQ.
  • Silver: 167 tonnes (5.4 million ounces), down 7% YoY and 12% QoQ, influenced by refined lead production and work-in-progress (WIP) buildup, which will be liquidated in subsequent periods.

This performance underscores HZL's commitment to optimizing its production capabilities and maintaining its position as a leading producer in the industry.

Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL)also reported its wind power generation figures for the first quarter of FY25, ending June 30, 2024, demonstrating notable fluctuations driven by wind velocity and seasonal factors.

Key Details:

  • Wind Power Generation: 108 million units (MU) in 1Q FY25, reflecting a significant 78% increase compared to the previous quarter (4Q FY24).
  • Year-on-Year Comparison: Despite the quarterly improvement, there was an 11% decline in wind power generation compared to the same period last year (1Q FY24).
  • Factors Impacting Generation: The fluctuations are attributed to variations in wind velocity and seasonal influences, which are typical for the wind power sector.

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Hindustan Zinc Limited

Hindustan Zinc Limited, a part of the Vedanta Group, stands as the world’s second-largest producer of zinc and the third-largest producer of silver. Operating globally, it supplies its products to over 40 countries and commands a significant 75% share of India’s primary zinc market.

Recognized for its sustainability efforts, Hindustan Zinc was named the world’s most sustainable company in metals and mining by the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment 2023. The company is committed to environmental stewardship, aiming to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050. With a focus on innovation and operational excellence, Hindustan Zinc plays a crucial role in supplying essential metals critical for the global energy transition towards a sustainable future.

Hindustan Zinc Limited Refined Zinc Production grew by 1% - FAQs

1. What is Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL)?   

Hindustan Zinc Limited is a prominent zinc and silver producer, part of the Vedanta Group.

2. What is the latest production report from HZL?  

 HZL reported its first-quarter production ending June 30, 2024, with record highs in mined and refined metals.

3. How much did mined metal production increase YoY?  

 Mined metal production increased by 2% compared to the previous year.

4. What was the YoY change in refined metal production?   

Refined metal production grew by 1% year-on-year.

5. Why did refined metal production decrease QoQ?   

Sequentially, refined metal production declined by 4% due to plant availability issues and operational changes for lead processing.

6. How much refined zinc did HZL produce in the first quarter?   

HZL produced 211,000 tonnes of refined zinc, marking a 1% increase YoY.

7. What was the production of refined lead in the first quarter?   

Refined lead production was 51,000 tonnes, showing a 2% increase compared to the previous year.

8. What was the impact on silver production in 1Q FY25?   

Silver production decreased by 7% year-on-year and 12% quarter-on-quarter due to factors related to lead production and work-in-progress buildup.

9. How did wind power generation perform in 1Q FY25?   

Wind power generation was 108 million units, up 78% from the previous quarter but down 11% compared to the same period last year.

10. What factors influenced the fluctuations in wind power generation?   

Variations in wind velocity and seasonal influences significantly impacted wind power generation during the first quarter.

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