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How do Withdraw on Tapswap? How much is a Tapswap Coin?

The Tapswap is a product of Solna and the money can be withdrawn via M pesa and the bank transfer method will be added to the Pro Account at a later date.   

by Damodharan N

Updated May 25, 2024

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How do Withdraw on Tapswap? How much is a Tapswap Coin?


Tapswap is a blockchain technology platform that enables users to easily and securely buy and sell Bitcoin from any internet-connected device. Launched by Solna on February 14th, 2024, Tapswap features a secure and user-friendly interface, that supports deposits and withdrawals via M-Pesa.

It also provides the first-ever live price feed for Bitcoin in Kenyan Shillings. The platform allows users to log in from any device, facilitating quick and safe transactions in under three minutes, whether they are experienced Bitcoin traders or just getting started. It currently surpasses 25 million users.  

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How to Withdraw on Tapswap?

One can Withdraw on Tapswap there are two options available. One via M-Pesa and the other is Bank. However, the bank transfer is currently not available for people who withdrew using Tapwsap in the future it will be added.

Tapswap has two account options they are Basic and Pro Account. Which Bank transfer is available for Pro account only and it will be added at a later date.   

To Withdraw on Tapswap via M-pesa

  • Login via Tapswap through the smartphone 
  • Tap on the menu and select “Funding > M-Pesa > Withdraw KES”
  • This option is only available  If you have the linked M-pesa through a registered number  
  • Enter the desired amount in Kenya shellings and get the money withdrawn.

The daily per-transaction withdrawal limit is KES 250,000 and the maximum withdrawal limit is KES 500,000 and the transaction is cleared once per day at the designated period of 13:00 EAT. After the 13:00 EAT it will be cleared tomorrow. 

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Tapswap Launch Date

Tapswap was launched on the feb14th, 2024, and is a DE-fi product of Solna which is a decentralized finance it later added the telegram bot to connect with most followers. It uses web3 and crypto finance it works when most people tap on it and get the tokens transferred to their account which can be converted to cryptocurrencies. 

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How Much is a Tapswap Coin?

The Price of the Tapswap Coin $0.0015 USD when we convert it to Nigerian and Kenyan then its price is 2.20 NGN and 0.19436 KES respectively these amounts are highly fluctuate and vary on an hourly basis as the TAP coins are de-fi products of the Solana. The amounts we have given arenot  live and change based on the market expectations.  

Currency Conversion

Amount in USD

Exchange Rate

Converted Amount

To Nigerian Naira (NGN)

$0.0015 USD

1 USD = 1,468.61 NGN (Wise, XE)

≈ 2.20 NGN

To Kenyan Shillings (KES)

$0.0015 USD

1 USD = 129.57 KES (Exchange Rates UK)

≈ 0.19436 KES

This table shows the conversion of $0.0015 USD (the price of one Tap coin) into both Nigerian Naira and Kenyan Shillings based on the current exchange rates.

Tapswap Listing Date 

There is no confirmation of the Tapswap Listing Date in the crypto exchanges. When users play the tap game on the telegram bot what they earn is Tap share and not its tokens which will be converted to cryptocurrencies.

But there is on the fly news on May 30th that the company will get listed but according to information available on our hand on May 30th only the taps pool is created and the people will get the tap share earnings converted into tokens.  

How to Withdraw on Tapswap - FAQs

1. How do I withdraw money on Tapswap?  

You can withdraw money on Tapswap via M-Pesa. Bank transfers will be added for Pro accounts at a later date.

2. How much is a Tapswap Coin?  

The price of a Tapswap Coin is $0.0015 USD, which is approximately 2.20 NGN or 0.19436 KES.

3. When was Tapswap launched?  

Tapswap was launched on February 14th, 2024.

4. What are the withdrawal limits on Tapswap via M-Pesa?  

The daily per-transaction withdrawal limit is KES 250,000, and the maximum withdrawal limit is KES 500,000.

5. Can I access Tapswap from any device?  

Yes, you can access Tapswap from any internet-connected device, allowing for secure and easy transactions.

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