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Fidelity Debit Card Activate, Login and Customer Service

To activate and log in to your Fidelity Debit Card, visit the official Fidelity Card website and enter your account username and password.

by Sai V

Updated Nov 03, 2023

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Fidelity Debit Card Activate, Login and Customer Service

Fidelity Debit Card Activate

To manage your Fidelity debit card effectively, follow these key steps:

  • Activate Fidelity debit card via mobile app or online.
  • Create/change PIN, usable immediately; once per day.
  • Report lost/stolen cards or unauthorized transactions by calling 800.323.5353.
  • Request a replacement card online.
  • Lock misplaced cards to prevent use, unlock online when needed.
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Fidelity Debit Card Login

In order to access your Fidelity Debit Card account, follow these simple steps to log in securely and manage your finances hassle-free:

  • Visit the official Fidelity Card website.
  • Enter your Fidelity account username and password.
  • If you have a NetBenefits account, use the same credentials.
  • Click Log In to access your account.
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Fidelity Debit Card Application

To apply for a Fidelity Debit Card, individuals can visit the official website and complete the online application form with their personal details. Upon submission, the form will be processed promptly for their convenience.

  • Visit the official Fidelity Bank website.
  • Fill out the online application form with your personal details.
  • Provide your full name, branch of delivery preference, selected card type, and indicate if you have an existing Fidelity account.
  • Enter your active phone number, email address, and home or office address.
  • Confirm your consent to the bank's privacy policy.
  • Review the form for accuracy and correct any errors.
  • Submit the application online for processing.
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Fidelity Debit Card Customer Service

For Fidelity Debit Card customer service, you can reach out to their dedicated phone line at 800-323-5353. Representatives are available 24/7 to assist you with any inquiries or issues related to your Fidelity Debit Card. Additionally, Fidelity accepts TRS and VRS relay service calls, ensuring accessibility for all customers.

If you receive any communication claiming to be from Fidelity Investments, it's advisable to cross-reference the provided phone number with the official list to avoid potential scams. Fidelity's commitment to security and customer support underscores their dedication to providing reliable service for their clients.

Fidelity Debit Card Review

Experience seamless banking with the Fidelity Debit Card, an innovative solution offering competitive interest rates, global ATM access, fee reimbursements, and cashback rewards, providing a hassle-free and rewarding financial experience.


The Fidelity Debit Card, part of the Fidelity Cash Management Account, offers a convenient and efficient way to manage your finances. As an extension of Fidelity's brokerage services, this card provides seamless access to your funds while earning interest. With a range of features and benefits, it caters to individuals seeking a reliable cash management solution.

Welcome Bonus

While the Fidelity Debit Card does not offer a specific welcome bonus, it provides users with various perks that enhance their banking experience. One notable advantage is the solid interest rate provided through the Cash Management Account, ensuring that your money works for you even when it's in your checking account. Additionally, the card comes with no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious consumers.

Annual Fee

One of the standout features of the Fidelity Debit Card is its lack of annual fees. Fidelity prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering a fee-free debit card, allowing users to make transactions and manage their finances without worrying about additional charges.

Fidelity Debit Card Activate - FAQs

1. How can I activate my Fidelity Debit Card?

You can activate your Fidelity Debit Card via the mobile app or online.

2. How do I log in to my Fidelity Debit Card account?

Visit the official Fidelity Card website, enter your username and password, then click Log In.

3. How can I apply for a Fidelity Debit Card?

Visit the official Fidelity Bank website, fill out the online application form with your details, and submit it online.

4. What do I do if my Fidelity Debit Card is lost or stolen?

Report it immediately by calling 800.323.5353 to prevent unauthorized use and request a replacement online.

5. Is there an annual fee for the Fidelity Debit Card?

No, there are no annual fees for the Fidelity Debit Card; it's completely fee-free.

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