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DBS Dividend Payout Date 2024

DBS Dividend Payout Date 2024 is May 20th, with an amount of one-tier tax-exempt 54 cents of the ordinary shares, which was announced on May 2nd.  

by Damodharan N

Updated May 20, 2024

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DBS Dividend Payout Date 2024


Development Bank of Singapore Limited, known as DBS, operates in key financial markets in Asia and Europe like the UAE, Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

The company has consistently earned the Safest Banker Award for more than a decade. The company has multiple segments like SME and corporate banking, personal, and wealth. The company has embraced the digital model with the slogan Live more, bank less since 2018. 

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DBS Dividend Payout Date 2024

The Development Bank of Singapore Limited, known as DBS, has been consistent with its shareholders and investors by divulging the dividends on time both via the Singapore Exchange (SGX) and the DBS website, which is May 20th, 2024.

For this current quarter, which is Q1, the dividend was announced on May 2 by the board of directors, in which an interim one-tier tax-exempt 54 cents of the ordinary shares was announced, and the overall amount payable for this interim quarter is $1,536 million.

And the payment date is May 20th, 2024. To determine the dividend-eligible persons, they are determined based on the cut-off date of May 10th to May 13th. And the ex-dividend is on May 9, 2024. Here are the details of the dividend for the previous quarter. 


Announced Date

Ex Date

Payment Date

Amount (cents)

2023 4Q final dividend




49 one-tier

2023 3Q interim dividend




44 one-tier

2023 2Q interim dividend




44 one-tier

2023 1Q interim dividend




38 one-tier

In this dividend, the DBSH Scrip Dividend Scheme is not part of this interim dividend share. 

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DBS Q1 Results 2024

The company released its Q1 2024 results with a 15% net profit amounting to 2.96 billion Singapore dollars. The company's interest margin is 2.14% and remains stable; the return on equity reached 19% growth.

According to the company CEO, Piyush Gupta, in his comments to the board of directors meeting, “The company had strong earnings at the start of the year with loan momentum, and a share of the income from the fees and treasury customer sales had all been positive, despite the heightened geopolitical tensions.

The company is optimistic about delivering strong shareholder returns,” the statement read. Below are the Q1 financial data for DBS with key metrics.  

Financial metrics 


Net Interest Income

SGD 3.65 billion (stable from the previous quarter)

Net Interest Margin

Increased by 2 basis points to 2.77%


Grew 1% (SGD 6 billion) to SGD 425 billion

- Non-Trade Corporate Loans

Increased 3% (SGD 7 billion)

- Trade Loans and Consumer Loans

Changed a  Little 


Rose 1% (SGD 7 billion) to SGD 547 billion

- CASA Outflows

Slowed from the previous year, offset by an increase in fixed deposits

Net Fee Income

Rose 20% to a record SGD 1.04 billion

- Wealth Management Fees

Grew 45% to SGD 536 million

- Loan-Related Fees

Increased 30% to SGD 185 million

- Transaction Service Fees

Rose 6% to SGD 231 million

- Investment Banking Fees

Declined 38%

- Card Fees

Declined 3% due to seasonal factors

Other Non-Interest Income

Grew 59% to SGD 621 million, led by treasury customer sales

Markets Trading Income

More than doubled to SGD 246 million


SGD 2.08 billion, 6% lower than the previous quarter

Profit Before Allowances

Rose 24% to SGD 3.48 billion


  • CASA: Current Account Savings Account
  • Constant-Currency Terms: Adjusted to remove the effects of currency fluctuations
  • Non-Recurring Items: One-time expenses or income not expected to recur regularly.
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DBS Share Price 

The DBS Share Price on May 20th ending price is 35.80 Singapore dollars. The company morning rate is 35.70 and the lowest price on that day is 35.63 Singapore dollars. 



Previous Open Price

SGD 35.640

Previous Day High/Low

SGD 35.700 - 35.450

Previous Day Volume


Previous Close

SGD 35.700

Previous Close Date

17 May 2024

52 Week High/Low

SGD 36.000 - 27.545

The share price of the company has been fluctuating within the midrange of 30 SGD for the past year, and for the past month, the share price has hovered above 35 SGD. 

What is the Rationale Behind the Dividend Being Given to Shareholders?  

The big corporations pay dividends based on their quarterly and year-end earnings. The model is based on a limited liability corporation (LLC), which is to shield the owners of the firm being pursued based on the firm's liabilities and debts.

And firms pay dividends to the members of the board and shareholders in types like residual, stable, and hybrid. But in recent times, this dividend model has been criticized as its return can sometimes be lower than interest bonds, where capital-rich investors can earn more.

But the rationale was that some sort of accountability needs to be in place for this LLC, otherwise we will have shell companies or paper firms with zero value generation for the society they conduct in. As of now, the limited liability model is working in our neo-liberal setup. 

DBS Dividend Payout Date 2024 - FAQs

1. What is the DBS dividend payout date for 2024?        

The DBS dividend payout date for 2024 is May 20th.

2. What is the amount to be paid for the DBS dividend?  

The amount to be paid for the DBS dividend is one-tier tax-exempt, 54 cents of the ordinary shares.

3. What is the overall amount for the DBS dividend?  

The overall amount for DBS Dividend is $1,536 million SGD for this interim quarter.

4. What is the ex-dividend date for the DBS?

The ex-dividend date is May 9, 2024.


5. What is the share price at the time of DBS's closing on May 20th?  

The share price at the time of DBS's closing on May 20th is 35.80 SGD.

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