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Best Small Business Savings Accounts 2024, Know Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Find the top small business savings accounts for 2024 and compare interest rates, low fees, and convenient features to help your business succeed.

by P Nandhini

Updated Apr 08, 2024

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Best Small Business Savings Accounts 2024, Know Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Best Small Business Savings Accounts 2024

In 2024, finding the best small business savings account is very important for any entrepreneur who wants to develop their venture. Small businesses need accounts customized to their needs, low fees, giving high-interest rates, and convenient features.

These accounts help to keep your business accounts organized differ from personal expenses, and give opportunities for earning extra money from interest. 
You can manage your cash flow, and maximize your financial growth with the right small business account. These accounts offer competitive interest rates, minimal fees, and user-friendly features.

Entrepreneurs can guarantee their money works for them, supporting their business goals and desires by choosing the best small business savings account. The following table shows some of the Best Small Business Savings Accounts:



Minimum Deposit

Monthly Fee

Lili Savings Account




Live Oak Bank




Prime Alliance Bank

3.85% - 4.25%



TAB Bank Business Money Market

3.50% on up to $1 million



First Internet Bank Money Market Savings

3.45% - 5.46%



Capital One

1.00% - 4.10%



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Top 5 Best Small Business Savings Accounts

Lili Savings Account:

Lili offers savings accounts with a high-interest rate of 4.15%. It doesn't ask for any cash to get started, so you can open it with $0. Furthermore, there are no monthly fees, which means you do not have to pay any cash each month to keep the account open. With Lili, you can save your business money without stressing about additional costs.

Live Oak Bank Savings:

Live Oak Bank's savings account offers an interest rate of 4.40%. So if you put your cash in this account, it grows speedier than a few other banks. You can save money without any worry since it doesn't require any money to start, and there are no monthly fees also. Live Oak Bank insures your money with the FDIC like a security net for your savings.

Prime Alliance Bank:

Prime Alliance Bank's savings account gives you interest on all your business accounts. So you can earn money on all of them even if you have more than one account. It offers different interest rates based on how much cash you have saved. So the more you save, the more you earn. Additionally, there are no monthly fees, so you can have all the money you make.

TAB Bank Business Money Market (MM):

TAB Bank's MM account has an APY of 3.50% on a balance of up to $1 million, making it a profitable option for small businesses. It's a flexible and accessible choice for entrepreneurs who looking to maximize their savings potential with a minimum deposit requirement of $25 and no monthly fees.

First Internet Bank Money Market Savings:

With an APY ranging from 3.45% to 5.46%, depending on your balance, First Internet Bank's MM Savings account offers high-interest rates for high-balance accounts. It can be waived with a minimum daily balance though there's a $5 monthly maintenance fee. This makes it a suitable choice for businesses with substantial savings. The low minimum deposit of $100 makes it accessible to many small businesses.

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Business Savings Account Advantages And Disadvantages


  • A business savings account is like the safest box for your business cash. It keeps your funds separate from your personal cash, which makes it simple to manage your finances.
  • One of the best things about a business savings account is that it helps your money grow. Banks pay you a small amount of money, called interest to keep your cash in the account.
  • Even though it's a savings account, you can still access your money whenever you want it. You can deposit more cash or withdraw some at whatever point your business needs it.


  • Some banks will charge fees for having a business savings account. These fees can eat into your profit, and make you less profitable for your business.
  • Unlike checking accounts, savings accounts have limits on how many transactions you can make each month. If you go over the limit, the bank might charge you additional fees.
  • While savings accounts offer interest, it's usually lower compared to other types of investments. 

Best Small Business Savings Accounts 2024, Know Its Advantages and Disadvantages
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How to Open a Business Savings Account?

  • Choose a bank that offers business savings accounts. You can visit their site or go to the nearby branch to learn more about it.
  • You'll require a few documents to open the account, like your personal identification, employer identification number (EIN), and business legal paperwork. 
  • Go to the nearby bank branch with all your documents. The bank representative will help you through the process.
  • The bank will give you a few forms to fill out. These forms ask for data about you and your business, like your name, address, and business type.
  • A few banks may ask you to deposit a certain amount of money to open the account and make sure you have sufficient money to meet their requirements.
  • Understand the terms and conditions of the account, before you finalize everything. This includes things like interest rates, fees, and limitations on transactions.
  • The bank will open your business savings account once everything is filled out and deposited the required amount. They will provide you with account details and other information you might need.
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