R.P.P Infra Projects Wins Orders Worth Rs.310.93 Crores in Hapur & Jaunpur

R.P.P Infra Projects secures contracts worth Rs.310.93 crores for constructing district jails in Hapur and Jaunpur, bolstering its infrastructure portfolio in Uttar Pradesh.

by Damodharan N

Updated Jul 10, 2024

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R.P.P Infra Projects Wins Orders Worth Rs.310.93 Crores in Hapur & Jaunpur

R.P.P Infra Projects Ltd has clinched contracts worth Rs.310.93 crores for constructing two new district jails in Uttar Pradesh. The first project involves the construction of a 1026-capacity district jail in Hapur under an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) model, valued at Rs.158.82 crores including GST.

Concurrently, the company will undertake a similar project in Jaunpur, also on an EPC basis, with a contract worth Rs.152.11 crores inclusive of GST. These contracts, recently confirmed with the receipt of original copies, highlight R.P.P Infra's expanding footprint in the state's infrastructure development sector.

With these additions, R.P.P Infra Projects strengthens its position in the construction of critical public facilities, leveraging its extensive experience in executing large-scale projects across Uttar Pradesh.

The awarded contracts contribute significantly to the company's current order book, which stands robust at INR 3200 crores as of June 30, 2024. These endeavors underscore R.P.P Infra's commitment to advancing infrastructure capabilities and meeting the evolving demands of governmental and institutional clients in the region.

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R.P.P Infra Projects 

Established in 1988 as RPP Builders and later incorporated as a Private Limited Company in 1995, R.P.P Infra Projects Ltd has emerged as a key player in infrastructure development across India.

Led by Managing Director R.P. Arulsundaram, the company boasts a robust portfolio with over 150 successfully executed projects, emphasizing sectors such as roads, buildings, industrial structures, power, and irrigation.

The company's proactive approach to eco-friendly practices and adherence to Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) ensure that all projects meet stringent quality benchmarks.

R.P.P Infra Projects Wins Orders Worth Rs.310.93Crores in Hapur & Jaunpur - FAQs

1. What contracts did R.P.P Infra Projects Ltd win recently?      

R.P.P Infra Projects won contracts for constructing two district jails in Uttar Pradesh.

2. Where will these new district jails be built?  

One jail will be built in Hapur and the other in Jaunpur, both in Uttar Pradesh.

3. What is the capacity of the district jail in Hapur?  

The jail in Hapur will have a capacity of 1026 inmates.

4. what model are these projects being executed?  

Both projects are being executed under the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) model.

5. What is the total contract value for these projects?  

The contract for Hapur is valued at Rs. 158.82 crores, and for Jaunpur, it is Rs. 152.11 crores.

6. When were these contracts confirmed?  

The contracts were confirmed recently upon receipt of the original copies.

7. How do these contracts contribute to R.P.P Infra's order book?      

They significantly bolster R.P.P Infra's order book, which now stands at INR 3200 crores.

8. What sectors does R.P.P Infra Projects specialize in?  

R.P.P Infra specializes in roads, buildings, industrial structures, power, and irrigation projects.

9. What is R.P.P Infra Projects Ltd's approach to project quality?    

The company adheres to eco-friendly practices and meets Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) quality benchmarks.

10. Who leads R.P.P Infra Projects Ltd?  

R.P.P Infra Projects Ltd is led by Managing Director R.P. Arulsundaram.

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