NBCC Received Work Order Worth 70 Crore from GCI

NBCC received a work order worth 70 crore from GCI (Grid Controller India). This project will start in "Grand Rue" in Ayur Vigyan Nagar, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi.

by Damodharan N

Updated Jun 18, 2024

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NBCC Received Work Order Worth 70 Crore from GCI

NBCC (India) Limited has secured a significant work order valued at ₹70 crore from Grid Controller of India Limited (Grid-India). The project entails planning, designing, and executing interior works, including furniture, fit-out works, cabling, and other infrastructure at "Grand Rue" in Ayur Vigyan Nagar, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi.

This initiative is aimed at establishing GRID-INDIA, marking another milestone in NBCC's ongoing business operations.

You can find the document here.


NBCC (India) Limited, established in 1960 as a government-owned civil engineering enterprise, has evolved into a leading player in the construction sector. Based in Delhi and recognized as a Navratna CPSE.

NBCC operates across three key segments: Project Management Consultancy (PMC), Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC), and Real Estate Development. It specializes in executing landmark projects, including government redevelopment initiatives, and constructing critical infrastructure like chimneys and cooling towers for the power sector. 

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Grid Controller India 

GRID-INDIA, officially known as Grid Controller of India Limited, is a vital entity in India's power sector. Established in 2009 and recently designated as a Miniratna Category-I Central Public Sector Enterprise, GRID-INDIA operates under the Ministry of Power, Government of India.

It oversees the efficient and seamless functioning of the Indian Power System, managing the All India synchronous grid with five Regional Load Despatch Centres (RLDCs) and the National Load Despatch Centre (NLDC).

GRID-INDIA's primary responsibilities include ensuring reliable electricity transmission across regions, facilitating trans-national power exchanges, and administering competitive electricity markets. It plays a crucial role in integrating renewable energy sources and adapting to technological advancements and regulatory changes in the power sector.

NBCC Received work order worth 70 crore from GCI - FAQs

1. What is NBCC (India) Limited?    

NBCC is a government-owned construction company established in 1960, known for its civil engineering projects and categorized as a Navratna CPSE.

2. What does NBCC's work order from GCI involve?  

NBCC received a ₹70 crore project from Grid Controller of India (GCI) for interior works, furniture, and infrastructure at "Grand Rue" in New Delhi.

3. What is GRID-INDIA's role in the power sector?  

GRID-INDIA manages India's power system, ensuring efficient electricity transmission, overseeing regional load centres, and facilitating power exchanges.

4. How many RLDCs does GRID-INDIA operate?  

GRID-INDIA operates five Regional Load Despatch Centres (RLDCs) along with the National Load Despatch Centre (NLDC).

5. In which year was GRID-INDIA established?

GRID-INDIA was established in 2009 to enhance the integration and operational efficiency of India's power grid.

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