MapmyIndia to Set Up the ClarityX for Data-Driven Customer Service

MapmyIndia launches ClarityX to enhance data-driven customer service with advanced AI-driven analytics. This new venture aims to provide enterprises with strategic insights to optimize resources, reduce risks, and identify market opportunities

by Damodharan N

Updated Jun 26, 2024

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MapmyIndia to Set Up the ClarityX for Data-Driven Customer Service

MapmyIndia, the renowned digital mapping and location-based services company, has announced the launch of ClarityX, a new venture focused on providing enterprise clients with advanced AI-driven data analytics and consulting services. Founded by Rakesh Verma and Rashmi Verma, ClarityX aims to enhance MapmyIndia’s enterprise offerings and expand its market reach.

ClarityX offers AI-driven insights from a wide range of data sources, both static and real-time, to help businesses make strategic decisions and drive digital transformation. Supported by MapmyIndia’s rich legacy in digital mapping and geospatial technologies, ClarityX promises to deliver customized, actionable insights to enterprises.

The partnership between MapmyIndia and ClarityX was showcased at events in Bharat Mandapam, New Delhi, and Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai. Enterprises witnessed how the integration of MapmyIndia’s digital maps, geospatial software, and IoT hardware with ClarityX’s AI-driven analytics can help identify new market opportunities, optimize resources, and reduce risks.

Rakesh Verma, Founder of ClarityX and Co-founder & CMD of MapmyIndia, highlighted the importance of data in today’s world. He expressed confidence in ClarityX’s potential to transform businesses across various industries by leveraging AI and human intelligence to offer tailored insights. This partnership is expected to provide MapmyIndia with new growth opportunities and enhance value-added analytics and consulting solutions for its clients.

Rakhi Prasad, Co-founder of ClarityX, emphasized the strategic partnership’s strength, mentioning the robust data, resources, and mentorship from MapmyIndia founders. She highlighted ClarityX’s unique ability to integrate geospatial data with multi-dimensional data to deliver accurate and concise solutions, helping businesses grow revenues, optimize costs, and reduce risks.

ClarityX has already made significant impacts, such as helping a Green Mobility company optimize charging station locations and assisting a financial services client in identifying optimal ATM locations. These success stories demonstrate the transformative potential of ClarityX’s data-driven solutions.

ClarityX offers a range of products and solutions, including proprietary indices like the District Potential Index and Rural Potential Index, machine learning models for sales projection and risk assessment, and insights through origin-destination analysis and category trend analysis. With a strong founding team and a robust framework, ClarityX aims to deliver high-impact decision-making capabilities to its customers, positioning itself as a leader in global data analytics and consulting.

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MapmyIndia, officially known as C.E. Info Systems Ltd, is a pioneering company in India specializing in digital mapping, geospatial software, and location-based IoT products. Established in 1995, MapmyIndia has become a leader in providing advanced digital map data and solutions to a wide range of customer. 

The Customer base including tech companies, large enterprises, automotive OEMs, and government organizations. They offer services like digital maps as a service (MaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS), along with APIs and IoT solutions.

MapmyIndia's expertise spans navigation, geospatial analytics, business intelligence, GPS tracking, IoT-based fleet management, and more, catering to both consumer and enterprise needs. MapmyIndia's flagship Mappls app offers comprehensive mapping and navigation services tailored specifically for Indian users, incorporating safety features and IoT gadget integration.

Beyond India, MapmyIndia has integrated global maps covering over 200 countries into its platform, making it a versatile tool for various international applications. With a strong focus on digital transformation and innovation.

 MapmyIndia continues to expand its capabilities in areas like drone-based solutions, automotive technology, and enterprise digital transformation, positioning itself as a key player in the global geospatial technology landscape.

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ClarityX is an AI-driven data analytics and consulting company founded by Rakesh Verma. Backed by the expertise of MapmyIndia, ClarityX aims to provide businesses with sophisticated insights by integrating various types of data, both static and real-time.

This helps companies identify new markets, optimize resources, and reduce risks and frauds. ClarityX combines its proprietary indices, machine learning models, and MapmyIndia’s extensive map data to offer comprehensive and detailed solutions for business optimization.

ClarityX's solutions include the District Potential Index and Rural Potential Index, which highlight market opportunities. They also offer machine learning models for sales projection and risk assessment, providing predictive insights.

Additionally, ClarityX provides analyses such as Origin-Destination Analysis, Category Trend Analysis, and Catchment Analysis, along with a Trends Dashboard that showcases market movements. With a mission to support growth, foster innovation, and enable data-driven decision-making, ClarityX delivers actionable insights to enhance business operations.

MapmyIndia to set up the ClarityX for Data-Driven Customer Service - FAQs

1. What is ClarityX?  .  

ClarityX is an AI-driven data analytics and consulting company.

2. Who founded ClarityX?   

ClarityX was founded by Rakesh Verma and Rashmi Verma.

3. What does ClarityX offer?   

ClarityX offers AI-driven insights and consulting services for enterprises.

4. What is the goal of ClarityX?   

ClarityX aims to enhance business decision-making through advanced data analytics

5. How does ClarityX benefit businesses?   

ClarityX helps businesses optimize resources, reduce risks, and identify new opportunities.

6. What type of data does ClarityX use?   

ClarityX uses both static and real-time data sources.

7. What are some of ClarityX's products?   

ClarityX offers the District Potential Index, Rural Potential Index, and machine learning models.

8. Where was ClarityX launched?   

ClarityX was launched in New Delhi.

9. How does ClarityX integrate with MapmyIndia?   

ClarityX uses MapmyIndia’s digital maps and geospatial technology.

10. What industries can benefit from ClarityX?

The industries, including mobility and financial services, can benefit from ClarityX’s solutions.

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