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Indegene Partners with Microsoft to Boost Generative AI Adoption in Life Sciences

Indegene and Microsoft join forces to enhance adoption of advanced Generative AI in life sciences, focusing on innovation across key sectors like commercial, medical, regulatory, and clinical functions.  

by Damodharan N

Updated Jul 11, 2024

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Indegene Partners with Microsoft to Boost Generative AI Adoption in Life Sciences

Indegene and Microsoft have announced a strategic collaboration aimed at empowering global life sciences companies to scale up the adoption of enterprise-grade Generative AI (GenAI) services.

This partnership focuses on co-innovating GenAI solutions across commercial, medical, regulatory, and clinical functions, aiming to drive faster innovation at scale. Indegene's Chief Technology Officer, Tarun Mathur, highlighted that GenAI offers substantial opportunities for modernizing business processes and solving specific operational challenges in the life sciences sector.

Microsoft's Chief Operating Officer for India & South Asia, Alok Lall, emphasized that this collaboration leverages Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Copilot to advance AI capabilities within healthcare, ensuring innovation and scalability.

Key initiatives include enhancing content creation, optimizing medical content workflows, and improving data management for clinical trials. Indegene plans to train its workforce through the 'GenAI @ Work' initiative, further integrating GenAI into its operations for enhanced automation and productivity.

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Indegene Limited is a digital-focused company in the life sciences sector, listed on both the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE: 544172) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE: INDGN).

Specializing in commercializing products for biopharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device firms, Indegene aids in product development, market entry, and growth throughout their lifecycle.

By integrating healthcare expertise with tailored technology and an adaptable operational approach, Indegene offers solutions aimed at enhancing patient and physician experiences through personalized, scalable, and omnichannel strategies, ensuring readiness for the future of healthcare.

Indegene Partners with Microsoft to Boost Generative AI Adoption in Life Sciences - FAQs

1. What is the focus of the strategic collaboration between Indegene and Microsoft?    

Empowering global life sciences companies to scale up adoption of Generative AI (GenAI) services.

2. Which sectors within life sciences will benefit from this collaboration?  

Commercial, medical, regulatory, and clinical functions.

3. What are some key objectives of co-innovating GenAI solutions?  

Driving faster innovation at scale and modernizing business processes.

4. Who highlighted the opportunities presented by GenAI for the life sciences sector?  

Tarun Mathur, Chief Technology Officer at Indegene.

5. Which Microsoft services are being leveraged in this collaboration?  

Microsoft services are being leveraged in this collaboration are Azure OpenAI Service and Copilot.

6. What initiatives are included in the collaboration to enhance content creation?  

Using Azure OpenAI Service for modular content value chain simplification.

7. How will medical content workflows be optimized through this collaboration?  

By revolutionizing sourcing and authoring processes with GenAI capabilities.

8. What improvements are planned for data management in clinical trials?  

Enhancing data ingestion, refinement, and governance using Microsoft Fabric.

9. What workforce training initiative has Indegene launched?  

'GenAI @ Work' initiative to train employees on various facets of GenAI.

10. What is the overall goal of integrating GenAI into Indegene’s operations?  

To achieve enhanced automation, productivity, and readiness for future healthcare demands.

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